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eMobility Innovation Awards 2024

Finalists & Winners



Vecla, Conversion from combustion to 100% electric vehicles

New system for the total conversion of all types of pre-existing or newly manufactured combustion engine vehicles to electric.


EO Charging, for its Charging accelerating Net Zero Transportation with the transition to EVs

EO is on a mission to make electric charging simple, reliable and accessible to all fleets. EO provides a full turnkey “as-as-service” hardware & software for fleets looking to go electric. EO’s technology is already used by many of the world’s largest and complex fleet operators including Amazon, DHL, Tesco, Go-Ahead and distributes its hardware in major global markets. EO’s charging products are made in the UK, and has deployed more than 85,000 charging stations across 35 countries globally.

Cafler, the leading all-in marketplace platform for anything that a vehicle user needs just one-click away.

Cafler is the leading all-in marketplace platform for anything that a vehicle user needs (at-home services, insurance, parking, buy&sell, renting…), just one-click away. Working with both individualand and enterprises (fleets, dealerships, OEMs).



Fastned, network of fast charging stations that is leading the growth of the European charging infrastructure.

Since 2012 Fastned has earned the trust of 275,000 customers, pioneering fast charging with innovative network infrastructure. The company’s authentic yellow, nature-inspired stations create a welcoming environment for EV drivers during the 15 minutes it takes to charge up to 300 km of range. By offering Europe’s most reliable and convenient charging experience, Fastned aim to inspire millions to drive on solar and wind energy and speed up the transition to electric mobility.


BUSUP, shared and flexible corporate transport for sustainable mobility

The corporate shuttle bus is essential to attract and retain talent. However, the average occupancy is 30-40%, making it inefficient due to the high economic / environmental cost. BUSUP solves this by combining advanced technology with customized services, which generate a triple impact:
1) Economic: cutting passenger costs and retaining talent.
2) Social: reducing barriers to employment market entry and enhancing overall quality of life.
3) Environmental: reducing traffic and CO2 emissions.

Vertiports Network, the future infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility

Their mission is to save citizens’ time, offering them the required infrastructure to use future Urban Air Mobility. They have designed a modular vertiport that can be incorporated on any rooftop or urban space inside a city. Also, they have a software platform (UTM), to manage future eVTOLs flights and associated complexity, managing tickets as well.

They offer an end-to-end solution to future Urban Air Mobility passengers, to move around, from and to the cities of tomorrow.




EMCIL has the purpose of promoting the adoption of the electric vehicle at all levels. Our mission is to make electric mobility attractive by offering the User a compensation in tokens that matches the cost of each completed ride. The idea is to compensate ecological actions under the concept “Drive Electric to Earn”.
With our solution, Users will receive a compensation in tokens for every ride they complete within their electric vehicle (cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, scooters…).


Miivo Mobility, different technologies to transform digital mobility

Miivo Mobility use and develop different cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, APIs and multiplatform applications and webs to make mobility more accessible, digital and easy to use

Their use of big data aims to enhance efficiency in data management. Additionally, their API system facilitates the integration of different mobility operators and allows seamless integration with other platforms.

VePa, Vertical Parking Urban Mobility & Charging Hubs

They build a rotary parking system that can store & charge 12 cars on a footprint of 45 sqm.



E-GAP, Europe’s first easily relocatable, urban, on-demand fast-charging company for electric vehicles

E-GAP is Europe’s first fast, off-grid, easily relocatable, urban, on-demand charging company for electric vehicles. The company specialises in offering a convenience charging service that is tailored to the needs of businesses and users. To this end, it has a fleet of electric vans that travel to the location of the vehicle and take charge of charging the car, being able to complete the service at any time and place, even without the presence of the customer.


ITENE, Towards net-zero and customer-centric last mile operations: autonomous delivery of goods in urban and suburban areas

The INTEGRA project aims at exploring the most relevant use cases for using a self-driving delivery locker in urban and suburban areas. The project deepens on the interaction of the vehicle with its surroundings, reemphasizing the role of security for both people and cargo, and the role of vehicle communications. The results summarize in a characterization of the best vehicle operating conditions and the best protocols to communicate self-driving vehicles with the urban space.

CIP Mobility GmbH, mocci Smart Pedal Vehicle

Micro mobility rethought: With the Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV), mocci enables inner-city, operational mobility at a completely new level. Performing, smooth and sustainable. Thanks to innovative materials, mocci combines a novel production approach from large-scale manufacturing paired with a completely new software and system architecture. The durable work and cargo bike makes lives in urban areas more livable and enables commercial customers to achieve smooth, efficient, and green processes.



LetMePark, Ticketless, Cashless and Fully Automated On-Street Parking Solution

Our technology has provided the first ever fully automated on-street parking solution. Users can park in any designated on-street parking location and simply leave their car as our automatic system recognizes the parking event and opens a ticket. When the user wishes to leave our technology automatically closes and charges for the ticket. This makes the process infinitely more efficient and removes the need for tickets, cash and stress in the parking experience.


See.Sense, Enhancing Cycling Safety using See.Sense AI-driven IoT Sensor Data: How a successful POC with Transport for London is now being scaled to Madrid

The See.Sense – Transport For London Vision Zero Proof of Concept enhanced London’s mobility and cycling safety by deploying See.Sense Vehicle-as-a-Sensor technology. Collecting crowdsourced IoT sensor data provided insights into cycling conditions, supporting TfL’s Vision Zero goals and addressing the need for detailed data in risk models. The initiative now extends to Madrid, collaborating with Dott to apply See.Sense technology in an innovative road safety project for e-scooter users.

Maximize the use of available energy in electric vehicle AC charging installations, simplifying & boosting the transition towards e-mobility.

A cloud-based solution maximizing the use of energy in electric vehicle AC charging – up to 100% – giving a positive environmental and economic impact.
– Avoid waste of electricity, especially relevant in installations using solar energy, and decreased need to contract additional power.
– Improve the profitability from the contracted power with an intelligent system that distributes energy more efficiently between vehicles.
– Allow simultaneously charging of a larger number of vehicles.