Save the date! 25-27 March, 2025 | Fira Valencia, Spain

eMobility Plaza is a unique space where you can experience the most innovative sustainable mobility solutions. An outdoor space where the most disruptive innovations in the sustainable mobility sector will welcome us to the eMobility Expo World Congress. But, in addition, you will find many more innovative solutions in the different stands of the exhibition area.


Get ready to see autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, new charger systems, and new technologies for batteries, among other services that you can’t miss! Soak up the future in the eMobility Plaza to solve your present needs.

Outdoor eMobility Plaza

You will be surprised at the eMobility Expo World Congress before you even enter the venue. Find the first outdoor eMobility Plaza as soon as you arrive, where you will be able to see among other things:


  • An autonomous shuttle that will ride you without a driver, thanks to CTAG. A new 100% electric, connected and driverless mobility experience.
  • Join Karsan first driverless public transport bus, e-ATAK. This revolutionary vehicle has been carrying passengers in Norway, Stavanger since May 2022.

Demos' Schedule

CTAG Autonomous Shuttle

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

      09:30 – 10:30
      11:30 – 12:30
      13:30 – 14:30
      15:30 – 16:30

KARSAN Driverless Bus

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

      10:30 a 11:30
      12:30 a 13:30
      14:30 a 15:30

    Tuesday and Wednesday

        16:30 – 17:30

Exhibition Area

Together with the eMobility Plaza, the exhibition area of eMobility Expo World Congress will be full of innovative solutions for autonomous, connected, electrified, and sustainable mobility:


  • Electric trucks from Renault E-Trucks (Stand B248) and from Jac Motors (stand B217)
  • Charger solutions for electric vehicles, developed by V2C (Stand D433):
    • Trydan, smart solar charging, that allows you to charge your electric car with surplus and connects directly to the solar inverter and has wireless power control
    • Pole Pro and Screen, two e-chargers designed for street and business environments. Pole Pro will be responsible for charging the autonomous minibus you will be exhibiting at the show.
  • Solutions for recharging electric vehicles, by Circutor (stand B208): These chargers are adapted to any type of user installation, whether they are domestic, private car parks or on public roads or service stations in municipalities or motorways.
  • Autopilot test drive by Ford. Book your personal test drive (stand B205)
  • Charging solutions for electric vehicles by Veltium (stand B260)
  • Technology applied to battery manufacturing processes for electric vehicles, by Plasmatreat (stand B232). The Openair plasma jet robot will be on display for a live demo and evaluation on the topics of electric mobility, battery cell manufacturing and surface pre-treatment.
  • Lithium Batteries customized for each client, by NC Power (stand D411)
  • A Smart Mirror equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology for the safety of workers in production plants, developed by Minolta Foraxi (Congress Area)