Save the date! 25-27 March, 2025 | Fira Valencia, Spain

Technology, market and investment: What’s the next steps in the eV sector

Wed 14 Feb | 13:40 - 14:00

EVs and e-mobility are the largest sector for spending in the energy transition, growing 36% last year to $634 billion, according to influential consultancy firms, including vehicles and battery making, as well as associated infrastructure.

Moreover, renewable energy generation saw an 8% increase last year in new investment to $623 billion.

Both markets, Energy and Mobility, are part of the same equation since electric vehicle means much more than sustainable mobility. It is, but Energy efficiency as well, since it´s the only propulsión system able to interact with the grid to boost renewable energies, distributed generation and energy storage.

But it´s necessary to overcome some challenges in order to reinforce electrification in transport and this conference will explain some of these paths to follow to succeed.

Arturo Pérez de Lucia

Arturo Pérez de Lucia

Director General


Álvaro Sauras Alonso

Álvaro Sauras Alonso


Autofácil and Grupo Mobilitas