The session will discuss the current status and future potential of eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology, delving into the technical aspects of eVTOL, including challenges and developments in electric propulsion, energy storage and vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Potential applications of eVTOL, such as urban air mobility, air taxis and freight transport, will also be discussed.
It will review the current state of autonomous flight technology, the challenges of integrating autonomy into eVTOL, and the potential benefits of autonomous eVTOL for safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The talk would also examine the regulatory and infrastructure challenges that must be overcome to make eVTOL a viable mode of transport.
It will conclude with the potential of eVTOL to revolutionise transport and the steps that need to be taken to turn eVTOL from a “futuristic dream” into a reality.