Eines Vision Systems, a Konica Minolta company, is one of the leading partners of automotive manufacturers worldwide, developing complex systems and software solutions for improving quality processes in the Automotive Industry, from the press shop to final assembly:

• Inline Tunnel Systems for checking dimensional and paint defects

• Solutions for parts inspection for Tier 1 Suppliers

• Battery Assembly Inspection Systems

• Customised Vision Solutions

We focus on customising and optimising them to fulfil our customer’s needs and requirements. We have been developing and installing vision systems worldwide for more than 30 years with more than 300 applications. Since 2019, Eines has belonged to the Konica Minolta Group and is currently installing its solutions in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. How is EINES part of EV Cars Manufacturing? As we know, some processes are still carried out manually or by robots, which can fail. Vision solutions, equipped with high-quality optics powered by artificial intelligence, help to detect production failures. In battery assembly, it is crucial to check the assembly process, as once the battery is closed and sealed, it is difficult to reverse the process to find the error. Thanks to traceability and data analysis, errors can be found even before they happen. And it is important not only to control the assembly of the battery but also to protect it from the outside, with a quality body. 30% of the total vehicle production of 2022, were recalled which implies an extra cost and unnecessary emissions due to the transport and required resources to repair the problem. In a scenario advancing towards electrification and sustainability, we have to be careful in the entire value chain. If we start dealing with the issue at the root, it can be avoided.