In this session, Battery design in electric vehicles will be discussed, because it is a crucial aspect that directly impacts the performance and safety of the vehicle. One of the key considerations in battery design is the method of connecting the individual battery cells to form a larger battery pack. There are two main approaches: cell-to-pack and cell-to-chassis.
In cell-to-pack design, the individual cells are connected in series and parallel to form the battery pack, which is then integrated into the vehicle as a single unit. This design allows for a compact and lightweight battery pack, but it also increases the complexity of the cooling and thermal management systems.
On the other hand, cell-to-chassis design connects the individual cells directly to the vehicle’s chassis, distributing the weight and heat generation more evenly across the vehicle. This design allows for simpler cooling and thermal management systems, but it also increases the overall size and weight of the battery pack.
In this session, both designs will be discussed and analysed.