6-8 February 2024

Innovation journey in the manufacturing automotive industry

  • 23/03/2023
  • 10:30 - 11:00
  • Main Auditorium IBERDROLA
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“Innovation journey in the manufacturing automotive industry” is about the practical application of Manufacturing Innovation in a big automotive company.
The explanation of Technological Innovation and how can be apply in the Industry. The importance of the use of new and emergent technologies to innovate with the purpose of being more competitive.
But also, which should be the path to follow to make sure it is possible to deliver a successful implementation of the technologies, the phases and steps to follow, and the key role of the people and users in all this process. All of this will be supported by real use cases and examples in the Manufacturing Automotive Industry.


Paula Carsi  de la Concepcion

Paula Carsi de la Concepcion

European Innovation & eFPS Manager

Ford Motor Company

Introduced by

Romina Zace

Romina Zace

Master of Ceremonies