13-15 February 2024 VALENCIA - SPAIN

Building an EV Charging Network: innovative solutions for the transition

Wed 22 Mar | 16:00 - 16:30

The development of a comprehensive charging network is crucial for the transition to electric vehicles. While we are seeing more companies and governments investing and promoting electric charging infrastructure we need to think creatively on deals and partnerships that can speed up the process and shape the solution in a collaborative way. bp pulse is very active in Europe and overseas finding innovative solutions to deal with the transition to EV: from light duty vehicles to trucks; from local/country specific deals to cross-border collaborations…

Join us to get more insights and debate on what else can be done to give the transition a push.

Alberto Palao

Alberto Palao

Commercial Director Public Charging

BP Pulse

Yolanda Bravo Rodríguez

Yolanda Bravo Rodríguez

R&I Technical Leader - Electrification Projects